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Liminal Point

Solo Exhibition at the WOA Gallery, Bampton UK in March 2020.

An exhibition of sculpture and painting explorating liminality.
The point where one thing merges into another; night to day, earth to sky, sea to earth, life to death, silence to noise.
It was the culmination of several interlinked projects with poets and artists I have been working on for the past seven years, as part of my ongoing investigation ‘9 Threads Woven’.

Initially my interest was sparked by sacred landscape – ancient megaliths, their position within the landscape and associated ideas of journeying, mapping, mark making and threshold. I work from direct observational drawing of landscape and my surroundings and weave them together with images gathered and recorded in my sourcebooks from myth, memory and imagination. I am interested in knots, weaving and patterns, in their use in storytelling and as aids to memory since prehistory. The physicality of mark making and sculpture is important to me. I work in many different media from pencil on paper to egg tempera on gesso panels to stone fired ceramics. The process of making the glazes or the gesso panels is an integral part of the creative process.

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